If you have any further questions please email us at TheORG26@gmail.com 

I registered under another person’s credit card. How will I be able to sign in during registration? 

Please list the participant's full name under "Notes or instructions" at the end of checkout if it differs from the contact name and bring a proper form of identification. If this step is missed, please reply to the confirmation email with the participant's full name and your registration will be complete. 

Can my friend use my pass if I can't take the other classes?

Analogous to a Disney pass or a Gym pass, our passes are non transferable and are only to be used for their intended owners. This is a common industry standard among dance studios and events. 

What is your refund policy?

We do not accept refunds under any circumstances. 

May friends and family be in the class room? 

Due to space we only admit registered students. There is a lobby for family and friends to wait in. Once groups begin the class will be open for all to watch. 

Is ORG Camp open to all levels?

Yes, it is open to all levels, however the class will be geared to advanced students and taught at a fast pace.

When is registration? What should I bring? What happens if I’m late to registration or if I miss registration completely and am late to class? 

Registration begins at 6pm for Chris Martin's workshop and 430pm for ORG Camp. Please bring a proper form of identification. Students will be immediately admitted into the room as soon as they sign in. During this time students will be encouraged to stretch on their own.  It is not necessary to arrive strictly 30 minutes before class, however the earlier you are, the higher the chances of receiving prime class spots. There will be a receptionist at the front desk to sign in students during the whole duration of the workshop. 

What should I bring to class?

Only bring bare essentials to class. Please do not bring valuables with you. Park in well lit areas and store your belongings away from sight. The ORG is not responsible for any lost or stolen items. 

What is the class structure? 

Registration, stretch, learn the routine, groups, solo, everyone, class photo, and announcements.